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CCT Proceedings Submission Guidelines

June 27-30, 2023 I Lund, Sweden

Lund University, AF-Borgen


CCT Proceedings Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline: June 01, 2023

Submit the final version of your submission (full paper or an extended abstract for competitive paper, extended abstract for work-in-progress paper or special session submission including session overview and extended abstracts of individual papers) by June 1, 2023. To be included in the conference proceedings, authors of accepted competition papers, work-in-progress papers (if opted-in) and special sessions must upload their revised and reformatted submission document to EasyChair. This document, the "final submission", is the submission that will be published in the conference proceedings. We recommend that you revise your final paper to address the reviewers' comments, which are included in the decision letter of 1 March. Please ensure that the text of your final paper does not self-plagiarize other work that you have published since your initial submission to the conference in January.

For competitive papers, you have two alternatives to choose from: your final paper can be a revised full paper or an extended abstract of 1000 words. For work-in-progress papers, you can opt-in to include your paper in the conference proceedings, but if you do not wish your work to be included in the conference proceedings, then you do not have to do anything else (reformat and resubmit). For special sessions, you must reformat and resubmit your submission (including 500-word session overview and 1000-word extended abstracts of your 3-4 papers) to included in the proceedings. Please note that no figures, images or tables are allowed in an extended abstract.


To complete your submission, please follow the four steps below:


(1) First, if you wish to include your submission in the conference proceedings, you may make minor revisions to your paper based on the reviewer's comments and suggestions, but we ask that you do not exceed the original length specified in the call for participation. For work-in-progress paper, we ask that your final paper do not exceed the length of 1000 words. For special sessions, the session description should not exceed 500 words, while the extended abstracts of the 3-4 papers in the session should be within 1000 words. For competitive papers, the following length must be followed if you wish to submit a full paper:

[Page 1: title and 50-word short abstract, Pages 2-21: body of the paper and references. Text must be double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman, with 1” margins (US letter) or 2.5cm margins (A4). Authors should use a clear, consistent style for first-, second-, and third-level headings. References and long quotations of data may be single-spaced; page 22 is optional and should include figures or tables]. Alternatively, if you wish to submit an extended abstract instead of a full paper, you must rewrite your paper in 1000 words.


(2) Second, format your final submission according to the CCTC proceedings template. For further guidance on how to use the conference proceedings template, please see previous CCT conference proceedings at: We are unable to include submissions in the conference proceedings that do not strictly adhere to the template. Click here to download the proceedings template.


(3) Third, complete a copyright release form. This form can be found here: This form only needs to be completed by the submitting author.


(4) And finally, submit the formatted file on EasyChair. To do this, log in to the EasyChair conference site: Select the "Author" role to view the list of submissions for which you are an author. In the row where your submission is listed, click the magnifying glass icon in the "View" column to see the details of your submission. Click “Update File” in the top-right, then click “Choose File” to select the file to upload, and click “Submit.” To confirm that you submitted the correct file, click the document icon. (For Special Session, please only update Document 1).

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