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Utopian Dinner & Dystopic Party

June 27-30, 2023 I Lund, Sweden

Lund University, AF-Borgen


Utopian Dinner

To celebrate the last evening of the conference, you* are invited to a lundensian 3-course “sittning” (a dinner in other words) in AF’s Stora Salen, with utopian overtones (both in terms of affective mood and ritual). Here, lundensian student traditions and toastmastery will encourage us to sing Swedish student songs with utopic themes and burst out in utopian cries if you will.

*“Full conference” paying attendees

Dystopic party.jpg

Dystopic Party

But we can’t only abide utopia, so, after the dinner we* will walk ten minutes to the Dystopian party located in a typically anti-aesthetic student “Nation” (the lundensian name for student dorms and associations) – namely Lund Nation itself – but on a rooftop to keep some of our remaining utopian mood intact. To the sips of drinks and the late nordic sunset in the bar, we will first be welcomed by the rigorous MOB band who will treat us with a soundscape transporting us back to the utopic-dystopic roots of CCT, before we transit into the present Nation club style by way of the Lund Nation DJ. Think Swedish House Maffia meets kindergarten and your dystopia is all set. Drink, dance, laughter and despair, we are all in this together! The doors close at 2 o’clock.


*“Full conference” paying attendees

Lund by night
Lund Nation
Dystopic Party at Lund Nation
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