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For Presenters

June 27-30, 2023 I Lund, Sweden

Lund University, AF-Borgen


Slide Show Presentations

At this conference the handling of slide show presentations is centralized. This means everyone uploads their presentations at the info desk at floor one, from where it will be automatically sent to the specific session room in time for the actual live presentation. Please, bring a USB stick (any kind) with your PowerPoint presentation to the info desk the day before your presentation! There will be uploading stations and people to help you from 3 pm June 27th and throughout the whole conference during “opening hours” (see program). Please note that this is strictly for PowerPoint format presentations (we can discuss PC program monopoly during our critical sessions at the conference). If (and we would strongly prefer if this were an exception) you have another format on your presentation, you must bring your own laptop and present from that (there are adapters in the session rooms). 


For this conference to run as smoothly as possible without unnecessary technical interruptions we reach out to you with this information and hope you will finish your presentation in time for the day before your session, and have it in PowerPoint format for upload. Thank you for understanding. There will be clickers in all session rooms.


In the session rooms B-Nya Fest, C-Lilla Salen, and D-Gustavsscenen, there will be conference workers who will help you with the sound/image/tech, but in the smaller rooms  A-Lilla Sparbank and E-Kerstins Rum specific individuals from each session have been asked by us beforehand to take ownership of the hosting. The technology in these rooms is very simple.


In terms of session chairing we would like to practice what we call a utopically collective ownership of the sessions. Participants of each session (if it is not already obvious who is chairing the session, for example special sessions or focused forums) decide in situ who will act as timekeeper and if questions should be asked after each presentation or after all presentations are completed.


You need to print your poster before you come to Lund. The size of the posterwall is 90x190 cm (portrait orientation, not landscape), so please ensure that your poster fits the posterwall. There will be pins provided in the venue to attach your poster to the wall. Get in touch with your local copyshop or printing services to learn how you create your poster in for example PowerPoint and what the image resolution needs to be (for example 150 ppi). Once in Lund you will be able to put up your poster in the Posters Gallery (in Athen) from 3 pm June 27th and throughout the whole conference during “opening hours” (see program).


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