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June 27-30, 2023 I Lund, Sweden

Lund University, AF-Borgen


Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Consumer Culture Theory Conference. This year, the conference is an in-person event. We strictly follow the updates, recommendations and restrictions from the Swedish authorities regarding the Covid-19 pandemic as well as any other potential hazards that might appear. More specific info from the authorities regarding the Covid-19 pandemic can be found on the following link.

In addition to this we have taken the following measures:

- We recommend full vaccination before travelling.

- We recommend staying away if one has cold symptoms.

- We will be serving box lunches that can be enjoyed outside for those who prefer that.

- We recommend everybody to use the disinfection that we will provide at the conference venue, upon entering the building, sessions, coffee breaks, lunches, etcetera.

- Use of masks at the in-person conference events is at the discretion of individual participants. We ask that everyone respect the mask decisions of our fellow CCT community members.

Registrants to the conference must also agree to foster a conference environment free from discrimination, harassment, and assault, and to abide by the CCTC Statement on Harassment.

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