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Useful Information

June 27-30, 2023 I Lund, Sweden

Lund University, AF-Borgen


Useful Information for CCTC2023


Breakfast: Don't forget to eat breakfast at the hotel! We will not serve early breakfast at the conference venue but most hotels in Sweden serves good breakfast.

Presenters: Power-point presentations will be centralized. Please bring a USB stick and upload your power-point presentation the day before your presentation at the info-desk! There will be uploading stations and people to help you from 3 pm on the 27’th and during the whole conference, but strictly for power-point format presentations. If (and we would strongly prefer this to be an exception) you have another format on your presentation, you must bring and present from your own laptop. There will be adapters etc.

Session Chairs: Only in some sessions we have pre-assigned session chairs. At all other sessions we would like to practice utopically collective ownership. The participants of each session decide in situ who will act as timekeeper and if questions should be asked after each presentation or after all presentations are completed.

Live Streaming: We will stream and record the “Keynote Panel Debate” so that everyone in the CCT community (not only conference participants on location in Lund) will be able to enjoy it. Note!: The audience will not be filmed but their questions will be heard. See conference website, CCT Facebook group, and specific email announcement for video link.

Live Streaming 2: We will stream and record the “Editor’s Panel” for the same reasons. Additionally, the “Editor’s Panel” takes place at the same time as four other sessions, and the room has a limit of 120 sitting people. Note! The audience will not be filmed but their questions will be heard. See conference website, CCT Facebook group and specific email announcement for video link.

Tickets: If you signed up, find your tickets for the Utopian Dinner and the Dystopian Party, as well as drink tickets for Poster Mingle and Poetry Evening in the envelope you got with your nametag and conference bag at the info-desk.

Utopian Dinner: For you who have signed up for the Utopian dinner: expect to immerse into a typical Lundensian academesque dinner experience

Dystopian Party: For you who have signed up for the Dystopian Party: it is important you follow the instructions from the toastmaster at the Utopian Dinner. When he announces that the dinner is over he will also instruct us to gather outside AF. From there, we will be herded in a carnivalesque and swinging spirit towards our dystopic destination. Should you miss this “parade” (which you shouldn’t), the address we head to is Agardhsgatan 1. 

Photography Competition. Don’t forget to vote in the Photography competition before noon on the 29’th. You find the ballot box in the Art & Photography Gallery (Sparbanksfoajén), and the voting ballot in your conference bag.

Lactation Room: If you need a lactation room, please contact the info-desk and we will help you.

Precautions: Please check conference website for most recent precautions and recommendations.

Questions? If you have any other questions: find one of our utopian “orange t-shirt” workers, or go to the info desk.

EmergencyShould anything urgent and unfortunate happen, call the emergency number: 112. This is the number for ALL emergencies (Police, Fire, Ambulance). FYI; one of Sweden’s best hospitals is literally only a couple of blocks from the conference site.


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